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Text for Page 156 [08-23-1850]

              blackguard tailors were imbibing �Lager� and talking scurrilous.
  24. Friday.  Out looking for work. To Orrs, then to Bobbett &
Edmonds�.  The former returned from England.  Got two mechanical draw-
ings to reduce and put on wood at the rate of a dollar cash.  To the Life
Office � Mattice not back.   To the Era, saw Picton and returned to Canal
with three newspapers.     Posted letter containing literary and artistic sketches
of the B�hoys for Boutcher.  Met Greeley.        Afternoon in doors.
Evening called at Duane, and at the old Pier with Mr Hart and Ma-
pother until the musquitos drove us away.  Then to Patons, where Richard-
son was.  Brandy smash and talk at hotel.     After half an hour I left
and went to the Partridge . Royal, Edwards and a young sweep of 
an Englishman yclept Clay, working at the Globe Office; there. Cigars
and imbibation of ale till past eleven, then made tracks for domicile.
  25. Sunday, and a drenching wet one, wind to boot.  Writing
to my mother all day, till Evening.  Then, weather having cleared up, out
to Duane Street.    With Royal to Chamber Street pier, then ramble up
into Broadway, finally glass of ale and cigar at Dey Street.  Parted about 10,
and I wended my way, meditatively, to Canal & passing up Church Street,
and witnessing the realization, a thousand fold, of what Solomon saw from his
palace window, at even-tide. Verily the night-walking devil Lust hath his
victories in New York.
  26. Monday. In doors all day.  Drawing the mechanical designs I
got from Bobbett and Edmonds.    Head ache; and wind hurrying to 
and fro where it listeth out of doors. Blue devilled.        Mapother
called in the evening, and with Brown, the evening passed tolerably.               
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