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Text for Page 189 [06-13-1857]

departure for Liverpool with his brother and her bro-
ther in law.     She is the sister of his brother�s wife, and
I�ve no doubt that lady �fixed� the hook for the suscep-
tible swain, knowing that he�s �a good match.�  He seems
to have bitten as readily as heretofore, though not without
an intimation, to me, that �she�d have $10,000 or $20,000.�
  I have never taken Leslie�s pen photograph at full
length, so here goes.    He�s five and twenty, very tall,
long legged, straight-bodied, with rather a small head,
his countenance alike indicative of shrewdness, vulgarity,
good humor and assurance.          His hair is dark and
always looks unctuous, as does his face, especially when
excited.    He is ^|as| whiskerless as a baby, but hopes for
the future�s development of a just-visible moustache.
He talks at the top of his voice, and is exquisitely
illogical and wrong-headed.    His national accent, as
is commonly the case with most persons, appears very strong-
ly in controversy.         He is very choleric, inclined to
dogmatise, and in argument, has such an insufferable
way of stating his opinions that you instinctively revolt
from them, and assume the antagonistic.     His
sarcasms are about as delicate as the kick of horse.
Withal, when his prejudices are not interfered with
he possesses a vein of strong, coarse common sense,
and is very social.        He and an elder brother came
to this country poor enough and are now ^|a| wealthy
wine and spirit �firm� � the latter carrying a business
in Philadelphia, as the former in New York.     Les-               
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