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Text for Page 192 [06-13-1857]

him into his Philadelphienne affair. �Lord what fools
we mortals be!�
  14.  Sunday.  Loafing in Washington Square with
Cahill in the morning.  To Bellews at night.    Cahill
is sick and has to keep his room in future.
  15.  Monday.  An unmarried younger sister of new
landlady appears at table and a pleasant faced, nice
looking girl, a friend of hers � both from Niagara.
/      Writing.     Haney�s off the Picayune now.
  16.  Tuesday.      To Bellews, then took cars down
town, got checque cashed at Grocer�s Bank, to Picayune
and up town with Haney to dinner, calling in at �Howa-
dji� Curtis� to get $25 payment for cuts of Swinton�s,
sent to me, per Belew to dispose of.    Haney & Cahill
playing chess in the room of the former most of the after-
noon.    Bellew came, with news of down town excitement.
Mayor Wood resisting the law, attempts to arrest him,
municipal police attacked by his police, military ordered
out, park in an uproar.             Rained dismally at night.
  17.  Wednesday.   A note from the Masons.    Went
there.   Talk of the cover title of my book.     Almost a
dispute with �Dan�.        They�d got a hideous design for
the back, with an entirely different title running this
�BOARDINc�� then wretched little Noah�s Ark houses �
as a sort of rebus, �illustrated with Pen and Pencil.�
This later venerable alliteration in highly ornate, carver and
gilder style � just the thing a spinster would think very
fine.        I expressed my sentiments about it, where-               
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