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Text for Page 193 [06-17-1857]

upon Dan, who has always appeared brusque and
sulky to me, came out with �If you use �Physiology�
you�ll kill the book dead as a nail! � I woudn�t give
a cent for my share in it!� with much more, as
rudely expressed as might be.   Whereon I thought it
time to assert myself and did so successfully. �Well!�
he went on �I�ve no interest in it! won�t and see Lowell.�
I suggested that as the book had been accepted, and pub-
lished by the firm at the expense of some hundreds of
dollars, I should have supposed that he had some in-
terest in it.     At all events I confessed I had, and con
siderable.     I hoped I understood the respect that was
due from author to publisher, but I was also perfectly
alive to the amount of labor I had put into the book
and chose to hold to my opinion and assert my own
rights.        This brought him down a little. �Want and
see Lowell!�       I didn�t choose to wait, preferring
to call in on my return up town, when we had a
civil discussion of the matter, and on a second visit
� for I wanted to take Bellew�s council, and went
again to the Pic Office (seeing him and Thompson)
� the matter was amicably settled, by the adoption of
the simple title �N. Y. Boarding Houses� in plain
Queen Annish type.    Infinitely better than pictorial
printerisms.        /        Went into Brady�s on going down
town on seeing an announcement that he had got a
photograph of Walker the Nicaraguan �man of destiny.�
Walked to the end of Brady�s big �gallery� where I saw               
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