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Text for Page 195 [06-17-1857]

by making the observation.
  18.  Thursday to 20. Saturday.  Non mi re-
  21.  Sunday.  With Haney to Partons, he and his wife
having returned from a visit to Philadelphia, both in high
spirits.         Grace and Miss J. up the river at Idlewild.
Stayed to diner, then, leaving Haney with them, to
Pounden�s as invited.    Rawson there, and presently
W. Bligh and wife.       All to the christening of Poun-
den�s child, and back to dinner.         Returned at
night to Bleecker, in company with Rawson.
  22.  Monday.  Scribbling.
  {23.  Tuesday to       Going into Masons found copies
  26.  Friday.}       of my book on counter.         All these
four days hither and thither taking copies to people,
sans intermission.  Frank Leslie, the Picayune and
Life Illustrated offer illustrated reviews, the cuts to
be selected from the volume.   Haney volunteers a gratui-
tous advertisement on the cover of Nic-Nax, Arnold
will do the reviewing in the Sunday Mercury &c.
Dixon promises an article in the Scalpel, �Fanny
Fern� one in the Ledger (Bonner proffered a notice
to me some weeks ago � worth about $ 100, at least.)
Altogether the goodwill and kindness of people is amazing.
The Masons, of course, take everything coolly, are greedy
for more, yet never say �well done!�      Not one of all
these notices could they have got, do what they might.
They pocket 90 to my 10 � yet haven�t wit enough to               
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