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Text for Page 196 [06-26-1857]

express approval of my work � confiding in the know-
ledge that my interest will stimulate me sufficiently.
  Stayed Tuesday night at Pounden�s, having called
there, after leaving copy at Parton�s.      I like Poun-
den � he shows to great advantage in his married
state.       Took copy to Mrs Andreotti, Wednesday
night.      Parlor full of girls and Cubans, all sin-
ging tumultuously at piano � Andreotti in the midst.
Dick Bolton is in Brooklyn, and has been calling
on me, twice, thrice during my absence.    Swinton
visited me; paid him for wood cuts.         Met Forbes
in at Paterson�s Office � (the smaller ex-European
one.)    He abused Russell and spake of his daughters
returning to Europe.         Mrs Jewell has called.
She and her daughter are living in Wooster Street,
the latter sick.           Lastly, on Friday night,
Hart and Dillon Mapother called, having that day
arrived from the west.
  27.  Saturday.   Mostly in company with Hart
and Dillon, with occasional rushes into the R. R. R
office for money � which I got towards the afternoon.
(This completes the $70 for Autobiography of Stomach.)
Had a bathe with Dillon and Hart, at the Bat-
  28. Sunday.   With D and H to Jersey, where
we had appointed to go for a day�s sail with Miller
the Lithographer, in his boat.  But Miller had put
off, whereat Dillon grumbled.       All to Staten               
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