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Text for Page 197 [06-28-1857]

Island � the Pagoda, dined there, then back to
New York by 5 �.   Hart supped with me, then,
together to hear Chapin preach.    Tired out.
  29.  Monday.  In doors.  Bellew came in the after-
noon, wants me to draw for him.   Dillon came in the
evening.   Together to Laura Keene�s theatre where we found
Hart, Kelly and another.      Poor house, trashy pieces.   Met
�Doesticks� and another Tribune man subsequently.   All at �the
Bank� after the play was over.   Tom Johnson the actor
and Baker, leader of the band, there; the latter having
just had a bat�n presented to him by the musicians.
  30.  Tuesday.  Miserable drizzly day.  Down town
to Canal St and Grocers Bank, then up town to 27th St.
Drawing with Bellew till 2.
  1.  Wednesday.    Hurrying about down town all the
ceaselessly rainy day, partly in company with Hart and
Dillon, with whom I dined in Wall Street
  2.  Thursday.  The same, with the exception of my
not having companions, Innumerable calls and continuous
rain.       Sat up doing chores in preparation for tomorrow�s
journey till 1, and slept for half an hour during the
whole night or rather morning.
  3.  Friday.  In waterproof [unclear word]-percha coat and thigh
Boots, with carpet-bag, through the pouring rain, per om-               
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