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Text for Page 198 [07-03-1857]

nibus to the North River end of Chamber St, and
aboard the �Armenia.�    Off by 7.   Many passengers aboard,
probably, like myself, fleeing that national nuisance the
celebration of the Fourth.       All in cabins and saloons,
or under other cover, as it rained unceasingly during the
whole day.   I spent most of the time in the aft saloon,
reading the daily papers.    The scenery outside dismal in
aspect seen through the driving rain.       A concert, vocal
and instrumental by two Germans or Italians.  Harp,
fiddle and opera airs with national songs.   Folks were
pretty liberal when the elder went round with the hat,
and the men deserved it.          Dinner at 12 1/2, very
welcome and pretty good.          Many folks got off at
West Point, more at Cattskill.                 Reached Hudson by
2 3/4 and found Foster awaiting me at the ferry-
house.   Across to Athens in a row boar with him and
another.   The river a mile or so wide, the ordinary means
of crossing consisting in a miserable, shabby, old �horse
boat� which has, mostly, to make a long detour, in
consequence of shallowness of water.      Athens is a little
place, Foster�s father�s store the store of the village,
where everything is sold, from shirts to blacking.  It is
also the Post Office.      The residence is a comfortable wood-
en house, with big rear garden.         Got a kindly welcome 
from Mrs Foster, went up stairs took a doze and
wash, descended to tea.     Old Foster a hearty old man,
his wife his feminine counterpart, their shopman an
intelligent good lookingish young New Yorker.      A               
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