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Text for Page 157 [08-27-1850]

              27. Tuesday. Finished drawings and took them down-town.  Got
paid, (all honor to people who cash up immediately.  Posted newspaper for
Boutcher, looked in at Life Office, and there returned to dinner � meeting
old Greeley by the way.      Afternoon wrote to Rosa. Evening a stroll
with Brown.  In at the old Book Auction whereat in time back pur-
chased Shelley, and was wont to repair to with George Bolton. Purcha
sed book.  Then on to Battery and a Book talk of Life Death, Love and
Immortality.  Looked into Cooley and Keese�s returning.
  28. Wednesday.  To clothing store, (Brown-recommended) by the mar-
ket, end of Canal. Bought pair of $5 pants.  Then off with letter for 
home to the Post Office.  Just in time.  Then, for the rest of the morning
a series of calls.  Strongs, �Atlas� Office, Browns, Wilsons, (S)Harpers,
&c   Returning at 1, called at Deans, seeing the interior of a gold-beaters
workshop and Royal.  Evening, in-doors, drawing.
  29. Thursday.  To Duane Street, and with Mr Hart over to Brooklyn,
calling on publisher Burgess in my way; � (he a cub.)   After visiting the At-
lantic Street dentist, took the stage, and along dusty hot road to Greenwood
Cemetery. (Called forth, though at Stilwells.)    Arrived a stroll about
the grounds for an hour or so.  Well-laid out though I think, the place hath
neither the natural advantages of Laurel Hill or Mount Auburn. The monuments
are of more pretension. Aye the �bon� of the place, that of a girl, who met
an accidental death on her eighteenth birthday.   The design of it her own, though
unintended for herself.   A tasteful bit of prettiness, the white marble standing
out with delicious purity from the deep hateful sky.      Hum of insects, count-
less grasshoppers, locusts, katydids, vegetation all teeming with life; �               
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