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Text for Page 199 [07-03-1857]

brother in law of Foster�s, a Mr Nichols who had been
in California and in the Senate appeared after supper,
and we had a game of whist, with cigars and tods.
Rain drenching the rosebushes in the garden, as I went to
  4.  Saturday.  Glorious sunlight and blue sky, af-
ter nearly a weeks continuous drizzle.   With Foster, wife,
children and hand-maiden into vehicle and so across the
river to Hudson.     A cleanly, dozy, take-it-easy place,
like most country towns.        Stopped at Mrs Brooks�,
saw her, �Nina� and a brother whom I had heard of,
but not met. (He had recently returned from a visit to
England.)    The little girl looked very well, and shook
hands with me very heartily.    Off, on the road again, for
some twelve miles in the interior of Columbia county.   Hot
sun light and miry roads � something of a drag for the hoses.
Foster driving, myself holding umbrella, children dozing
behind with their mother and servant.           Got to m our
destination by  2 1/2   It was the house of a Mr Ten Broeck
� lineal descendant from the redoubtable Ten Broeck of Knick-
erbocker�s famous history � who had married the elder Miss
Brooks.     A handsome, spacious wooden house all embower-
ed in green trees, possessing a garden and grounds, and
a cold piazza looking river-wards.      The stream � called
Johnsonskill � (all the streams are kills hereabouts) is
pretty broken up by falls, the dash of and roar of
one making cool music all the livelong day and night.   There
is good water power, a stocking-weaving factory and               
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