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Text for Page 201 [07-05-1857]

the fields and country generally being in their most luxu-
riant pomp of summer beauty, and the grand, blue
cones of the Cattskills, on the far side of the distant,
unseen river, closing the horizon.    We stopped here
and there for �handware� as Ten Broeck denominated imbi-
bition, met a brother of his and companion, dashing along
almost as rapidly as ourselves, and presently got to
Lower Red Hook.  Our purpose was equine-copulation,
which having effected, Ten Broeck bought a lot of boxes of
cigars and we rattled back.            Quite a large party as-
sembled round the dinner table that day, Ten Broeck�s
brother and friend, Livingston, our host�s shop man &c
swelling the number of guests.    Piazza-loafing, cigar smo-
king, rambles down the �Kill� and do-what-thou-wilt
enjoyments. �Mary Liv� as they called her smoked her
cigar in a masterly manner after dinner, and sulked
a little on my chaffing her on it.    A view of the fall by
moonlight, from a ricketty bridge leading to the top story
of the paper mill, about fifty feet above the bed of the
stream is exquisitely beautiful.   I had a quiet cigar there
and thought � as I always do when I�m very happy or
very miserable � about Hannah and Chacombe.
  6.  Monday.   Out �fishing� with the girls down the
glen.  Little �sport�.   They, the girls, caught two little
wee fishlings and threw �em in the water again.        So when
they had gone Foster and I bathed delectably.           Happy
loafing all day; at even all off to convey the two
girls to another house, some five miles off.    Foster,               
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