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Text for Page 202 [07-06-1857]

Mrs F, �Mary Liv� and I in one trap, Ten Broeck,
his wife and Miss Van Dusen in another.   Stopped at
Broeckins Livingston�s place, then on to another Livingston�s.
(All the country hereabouts was owned by the Livingston�s
once.)   �Tis a very handsome house, with huge hickory
trees fronting it, and a carriage driver up to the door.
A portly gentleman was the owner, as he sat at the
threshold, in the cool of the evening.   Lots of folks.  A
fine looking old man from Hudson; Mr L�s son, wife
and daughters, both tastily dressed and lady-like, one
slightly passe the other very handsome.  A drink with
the men, a walk through the grounds with the girls,
talk, badinage and laughter, invitations to visit �em
and then rattled back.     Pleasant people, all of you!
� A veritable Mrs Knickerbocker called at Ten Broecks
this afternoon.
  7.  Tuesday.  Good bye to Johnson�s kill and the hos-
pitable Ten Broecks.   I never learnt to like people bet-
ter in as short time.          Back with the Fosters to Hud
son.   Called at the Brook�s (where they wanted me to
stop)  then across the river to Athens again.         A sister
of Fosters arrived from West Point � a plump, jolly-
looking girl with a voice which reminded me pleasantly
of Mary Bennett�s, and most exhuberant crinoline.     A
ramble with Foster in the evening to spots where one
could get good views of the pretty place and glorious ri-
ver.      Called in at Nichol�s, he having just returned
from a big village pic-nic.       His wife sung to the piano,               
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