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Text for Page 203 [07-07-1857]

we talked about books, Foster left at his wife�s sum-
mons and I �squired Miss Mary Foster home an hour
  8.  Wednesday.  Over to Hudson, as promised.  Lear-
ning from Mrs Brooks that Nina had with a lady-
friend taken a walk to the Cemetery I went thither.  It
is on rising ground, and overlooks the city.   Found the girls
sitting on a bench among the flowers and leaves.    The
friend was a Miss Isabel Jacot, a New Yorker.    A
girl of 17, so well developed as to look older, with a
pleasant face, good sense and home ways about her,
and, as far as I could judge, no affectations.       Sat and
talked and strolled about the cemetery grounds, then
back to the house.    It is a brick one, painted of a
sober brown, standing modestly back from the street line,
approached by a little garden, which also runs along one
side (where it is overlooked by a stoop) and expands in
the rear.       A spacious, scrupulously ordered old-lady�s
house, wonderfully clean, possessing a great number of
Chinese curiosities in the parlors.  (One of Mrs B�s sons
went, before the mast, to China.)        We dined, very nicely,
in the basement.         Talked with the girls, read, dozed
&c all the hot afternoon.          All � including the old lady
� took a walk to a sort of esplanade overlooking the
river, in the evening.   I walked sometimes with both the
girls, sometimes with Nina.       Back by 9, and to sleep
in � oh! such a home-like little room!
9.	Thursday.   With the two girls for � to them � a               
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