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Text for Page 204 [07-09-1857]

long walk to the top of Mount Merena, which rises very
picturesquely from the river, below Hudson.    I carried
a bottle of Scotch ale and sundry feminine knick-knacks.
The day was hot and lovely, the girls needed frequent
pausings, but kept on, though not so untiringly as the
Edwardses during last years Cattskillizing.    When near the
top I left them sitting on the hay by the road side, and
looking at the prospect, while I explored further.  Anon
through a field of tall rye, winding round the mount,
and then took our lunch beneath a shady tree, up
which I subsequently climbed.    Back to dinner by 1, the
girls � especially Miss J � rather used up.         I crossed
to Athens by 6.        Took a walk with Foster and his
wife, and concluded not to return to Hudson to-night.
  10.  Friday.  Good bye to Athens.     With Foster, wife,
children and servant over to the Brooks.       Leaving them
there, he and I rattled back in the coach which had
brought us from the ferry, and whisked per-railroad
five miles down the river bank, then crossing to
Cattskill. (I had this morning got a letter from Alf
Waud announcing his presence in New York � he came
on to see Hart and Dillon � and that he had met
Stone in Boston, on his way to the White Mountains,
with his newly wedded bride.)     To the Cattskill Post-
Office calling on an acquaintance of Fosters, and with
him to a newspaper office � the �Greene County Whig�
where I was introduced to the editor and gave him
a copy of the P. N. Y. B. H, pointing out the passage               
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