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Text for Page 205 [07-10-1857]

where Stone�s introduced which he promised to reprint.
Took a ramble along the piny-wooded shore northwards
� oh! the rare odor of those fragrant pines that morning!
� and a swim in the Hudson.          Back to the town
of that name by the �Armenia�,   to Mrs Brooks� again.
Dined.        Parted with Foster and wife, they going back
to Athens.    An evening ramble with the girls to the
Cemetery, then, at the back of it to the top of a high
hill and down it on the townside, through the knee
high grass, flowers and clover.    It was hard work
for the girls and Nina, especially, had to told on considera-
bly.   Finally I had to get �em over a fence, they jumping
into my arms.      Back to the house, ice-creams and
  11.  Saturday.  A goodbye and a rapid run to the river
side � as the coach didn�t stop though ordered � then aboard
the Armenia.      A lovely day, the river in all its beauty.
New York by 3 1/2, at the pier where I had parted
from Dillon and Hart (who came through the rain to
bid me good bye) a week ago.    To Bleecker Street.
Everybody as wont.     Mrs Gouverneur at tea, looking,
I thought, rather haggard.                  Alf has returned
to Boston.    He saw Hart and Dillon, was �around�
generally, went over to visit Sol�s menage and to Swinton�s
at Staten Island.
  12. Sunday.   At Partons during the greater part of
the day and called on Thompson in the evening.    Met
Welden who began to talk about the success of my book,               
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