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Text for Page 207 [07-17-1857]

Scrubbing, rushing hither and thither and doing all
sorts of things.        Visited the Edwardses one night
and Mrs Andreotti, now removed to another boarding-
house, same street.    Her husband is yet in Boston.
Leslie � our Scotchman � absent in Jersey awhile has
returned to Bleecker Street.       During the past week
he got a letter from Miss Brooks (!)   Now while I was
at Hudson he was inquired after, of course. �We thought
we should have received a visit from Mr Leslie,� said
Mrs B.         They knew all about his movements, his
going to Philadelphia, to Elmira &c � clearly through
Foster.     I, without assertin it, allowed it to be suppo-
sed that I supposed Leslie was to busy to come � which
they appeared to assent to.    In fact it as a comfortable
bit of hypocrisy on both sides.   Whether theyre not getting
any positive information out of me, prompted the little
girl to the act of writing I don�t know.         But she has
written, and a pretty shrewd cleverish letter it is for little
Missy to get off.     She reminds him of his promise to
come,  thanks him (a little overmuch) for his kindness
and attention to her, specifying the two visits to the
theatres, hopes that he will put down her acts and speech
� italicized � to the score of ignorance of the world &c &c,
wants to know whether he wishes to cut the acquain-
tance, and winds up with �your friend if you wish
it.�   The note is queerly written, the caligraphy slanting
backwards, and full of �Now, Mr Leslie�s.�    There
is also a postscript � of course � in which she hopes               
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