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Text for Page 158 [08-29-1850]

              a pleasant place to lose all the harsher thoughts of Death in.   The
time will come when we shan�t make a bug bear of him.   /     Return,
and back by 2.     Evening with Hart and Mapother again, a walk,
and at Patons.
  30. Friday.  Determining to make a round among the Architects called 
first at Renwicks.  Found that he had removed his office to Park Place,
and was in co-partnership with Anderson, an Irishman whereof I had heard
from Mr Hart.   Went there, saw him, a vulgar, auctioneer like man.
Engaged me to come tomorrow �on trial�.   If I pleased him $10 a week.
Thence to the Post Office and �Life� Office &c.    Afternoon in-doors till
Mr Hart and Dillon calling, out on the long pier at the end of Canal St
for half an hour or so. Evening reading aloud to Brown.
  31. Saturday.  To Park Place by 8; walking down town with Brown.
Arrived, and the Office not open, conversed with one of the clerks who
came up, until the arrival of a juvenile Anderson, who intimated to
me that his father had yesterday sent to me a letter, countermanding my
attendance; so an end of that.        To Duane Street for a bit then back
to Canal.    (Had a letter arrive from Boutcher, yesterday � he, will
I doubt not spend his next New Year�s day in New York.  Right glad
am I at the thought.)     Afternoon walked meditatively and melancholye
to Greene Street, calling on Mr Abbott.    Returned, and after supper
being about to sit down to writing a letter for the evening; a book
arrives, �Vanity Fair,� the which I find by certain kindly rhymes
penned on the fly-leaf is a gift from Brown.        Shortly               
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