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Text for Page 209 [07-19-1857]

in mind and body, a reaction from a horrible fit of
despondency I fell into last night on quitting Bellew�s.
Hannah�s letter had affected me intensely.   Its love
and trustfulness inspired me with a sort of agonizing
tenderness and despairing impatience that I could not
have her � now � for my wife � that slow, wearying, heart-
aching months and years may have to grind on, before
  20.  Monay.  To Fowler and Wells� & Masons.
It will take �em two weeks or more to get the new
edition out.   Slow coaches!    Other calls, Frank Leslie�s,
Picayune &c.    Haney, Bellew & �Doesticks.� (This
in the afternoon.  Writing all the morning.)   Wrote
to Hannah at night.
  21.  Tuesday.  Looked into the Sunday Times Office
to thank �em for their notices of my book.    Saw Howard
and Du Solle.   The Mrs Eller who did the Express
article wrote it under the belief that �Doesticks� was
the author!        To Picayune with article I had written
before going down town.  Accepted.     To Post-Office
&c.          Evening writing to Alf Waud, and anon in
Leslie�s room, with him and Latto.          They�ve wound
up matters at the store, closed it and Latto is going
to editorialize in a to-be paper � the Scottish Ameri-
can Journal.
  22.  Wednesday.   Mrs Andreotti came in, as I
sat after breakfast, reading in the parlor.     Her hus-
band has proved himself an infernal scoundrel.               
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