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Text for Page 210 [07-22-1857]

Before marrying him she paid his debts, and
subsequently advanced $2000 to set him up in busi-
ness as partner to Hartley an English �Aurist�,
(whom I have met.)    Almost immediately after the
union Andreotti began to drop his assumed character,
to come home drunk, exhibit a furiously despotic
temper, and to neglect his wife.     He also reproached
her with not having done enough for him, saying he,
individually, �was worth millions!� took a portion
of her diamonds � valued as having belonged to her
mother � sported them as shirt-studs, and in her
presence, told Hartley that she had given them to
him.      Finally he secretly annulled the deed of part-
nership with Hartley, getting $1000 in to his own
hands, and departed for Boston, ostensibly to prac-
tice his newly-acquired profession (!) forbidding her
to accompany him.    While he was absent she wrote
to him, in response to which, she on Monday last
got a letter dated New York in which he told
her that she had attempted �to dishonor the proud pre-
eminence of man� and informed her he was about
to desert her.         She went at once to a lawyer,
and then came hither.
  {23.  Thursday to.       Mrs Andreotti�s lawyer is
  31.  Friday.}       also Hartley�s, and both are
Free masons.    She has, therefore, obtained information
as to certain Italians who were her husbands inti-
mates, and from them discerned that Andreotti               
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