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Text for Page 211 [07-31-1857]

was guilty of the coarsest infidelities to her during
their marriage.    They have, too, recent proof of this.
The fellow has been living at French�s and Sweeny�s
Hotels, at the latter under a feigned name � �Captain
Du Val.�   Spies have been set, one of whom, at
Andreotti�s request accompanied him to a brothel.  So
his wife anticipates a certainty of divorce.        She
has been robbed of upwards of $3000, but bears it
bravely.    She has written an account of the fellow�s
doings to his mother, in Italy, which I have under-
taken to get translated into Italian for her.   (I
went to Colonel Forbes� but he, and daughter, have
left New York.)        The women here sympathize but
do a little of just-as-I-expected.          I ignore this, as
�I told you so� is the most aggravating of all phrases
to a person in distress � though I remember being un-
favorably impressed by the fellow, and even writing him
down as �false-looking� in this Diary � which
I afterward scratched over, as a probable injustice.
        I�ve been scribbling pretty regularly for the Pica-
yune, now raised in price to four cents, and
altered to the Punch shape.    Also I drop in much
at Leslie�s, and should supply an article each
week, but that Howard has delayed illustrating my
first one.     Leslie wants me to go to Newport to write
letters.           The P. N. Y. B. H. has got to a
second edition � which took the slow coaches nearly
three weeks to get ready.     They were out of copies for               
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