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Text for Page 213 [08-08-1857]

seen but once since her husband�s death � is said to be
out of town.        Cahill, who�s a very good fellow, is
in Bellew�s employ, writing for him and attending
to his business affairs, duning people &c down town.
Patten, his wife and obnoxious boy are sea-siding it at
Fire Island.       Miss Cooper � our landlady�s sister �
and Miss �Weighty� Griffin � who is very pretty, despite
her name � stay here still.                 I met Mrs Cunninghm
� not the murderess, but my former landlady in Leonard
Street � the other day.         She complimented me about my
book, told me her husband was dead and that the
Flowers� had never paid them, ($200.)     Also � some
weeks ago � I met Alcock, the dentist, face to face.
He stared, but said nothing and I passed on, half
anticipating some enquiries about Greatbatch.
  9. Sunday.    To Partons.    He has almost
completed his book, and sold out the copyright of
the Humerous Poetry to the Masons.    Lowell told
him, blandly, that the expected to sell 3000 of my
P. N. Y. B. H � but not more.        I shall consider the
thing a failure if it don�t reach 5000.      /           The
family are meditating a week at the Cattskills, 
probably going on Wednesday, Miss J proceeding to
Boston.        Fanny had written a favorable review of
my book for the Ledger, which didn�t go in because
Dyer pointed out to Bonner my allusion to �Silenus
Gobb Junior.�   Bonner would not have seen it but
for the act of the natural toady � as Parton called               
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