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Text for Page 214 [08-09-1857]

him � Dyer.       A very pleasant day.   Left at sun-
set, walked to Pounden�s, tried the door, retur-
ned to New York, talked an hour or so with Mrs An-
dreotti, and Miss Griffin, ascended to attic and wrote
two articles for Picayune.
  10. Monday.  Non mi recordo.   Hither and thither.
  11.  Tuesday.  Wrote letters to Dick Bolton, Foster,
&c.   On Tuesday afternoon set off for Newport. R. I.
to write and sketch for Leslie�s �Illustrated.�    Embarked
at 6, lovely afternoon.  Crowded boat, horrible headache,
got acquainted with young Bostonian, supped, and very
soon to bed or rather berth.      Rose at midnight and
went on deck.    Newport by 2.   Long pier, hack drivers
&c, bowling through quiet streets to Ocean House � the
crack hotel of the place.       Assigned a room in the �colony�
and to bed.
  12.  Wednesday.  Breakfast in big room capable
of accommodating five or six hundred persons, with waiters
in proportion.  Delivered introductory letters to Weaver
the proprietor and Ormsbee the book-keeper, and was intro-
duced by the former to a Mr Helmsm�ller.   He is
one of the Germanians, a musical composer, plays on
all sorts of instruments, takes tickets at the �hops,�
and is, in short a musical fac-tatem.    He had travel-
led with Barnum, Jenny Lind and Frank Leslie.   Went
with him to the residence of a Mr Wetmore who had been
giving a great fete champetre to Peabody at which some
3000 guests were present.    Over the house.      Alone to               
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