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Text for Page 215 [08-10-1857]

Easton�s beach, and had a bathe.    Back, and to
dinner at 3.  Ladies in full dress, everything very
stylish, promenade after dinner while the band play-
ed.     Round to the other hotels in the evening, and to
a gambling hell, with Helmsm�ller.       Faro and roulette,
perhaps half a dozen players.
  {11.  Thursday to       Newport is, unquestionably, the most
  21  Friday}       fashionable of American watering-
places.   I am reminded by it of the description one reads
in the novelists of the last century of British spas � of
the Bath of the days of �Humphrey Clinker.�  Dancing,
dressing, gossip, talk of the �good� company &c, drinking
and spending money.    The routine here is as follows.
You bathe, or go to see the ladies bathe in the morning.
Easton�s beach is a spacious cove or bay of the smoothest
and softest sand, with the jolliest rolls of Atlantic
surf tumbling in, and a long row of sentry boxes to
dress in.       At noon a red flag intimates permission to
go in sans costume.            Then there are rambles about
the cliffs, anon dinner � a good hour�s business � pro-
menade, and at night �a Hop�, at one or other of
the hotels.    The season is now at its height, though
complained of as being less brilliant than past ones.      I
find some acquaintances here.   Brady the daguerrotypist
and Russell (of the �European�), the latter with his wife
and daughter.    They came on the same night as I did.
Walking on the piazza one evening in front of the hotel
Russell told me a good deal about Colonel Forbes; from               
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