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Text for Page 216 [08-21-1857]

which it appeared that he, Russell, had almost entirely
kept Forbes during his residence in this country, paying
his board, debts &c.      Forbes demanded (and obtained)
pay for something like a couple of months after the death
of the European, and, in fact, according to Russell�s
account, used him as a milch-cow; finally breaking
with him because he wouldn�t advance money to reprint
the Colonel�s book in Kansas!!      He�s supposed to be there
now.)        On Mondays and Thursday everybody goes over
to Fort Adams to hear the band play.            I went in a
sail boat in company with Helmsm�ller and the Germa-
mans � a very jolly party.     Newport looked pretty in the
bright summer�s afternoon.        Arriving we found a pic-
nic party from the �Fillmore� house.      They were dancing
in one of the crypts of the fortifications, a band playing
in the next, and very merrily the daintily shod feet of
the ladies tripped over the iron curves of the floor, which
whilome supported the grim gun carriages.     In another
crypt was a goodly display of champagne and edibles.
Our band played on a platform in the centre of the es-
planade (Helmsm�ller doing drum and cymbals!) and
kept at it till sunset; during which time I strolled
round the ramparts, or watched the dancers or equestrians.
A splendid green turf accommodated the latter, around
which the numerous carriages drove slowly.   Finally
when they began to file off, our band, after serenading
Col. Magruder outside his quarters were for doing the
same. But no � the ladies wanted one more dance � the               
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