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Text for Page 218 [08-21-1857]

his �engaging himself� to Miss Cruise of Detroit.
  About every where with Helmsm�ller.   To the
other big hotels when �hopes� were in progress.    Rambles
on my own hook along the coast, to the �Hanging Rock,�
�Spouting Rock�, �Conrad�s Cave� &c, sometimes
strolling all alone over the smooth and hardened sand,
now clambering amid the rocks, and anon indulging in
luxurious and solitary bathing.       Back generally to
3 o�clock dinner, writing or looking at the promenaders
subsequently, and to the �hops� or miscellaneous loafing
at night.            Introdued to no end of people.      Cham-
pagne at dinner, and everything in good style.     Brady
has been to Boston and returned, has seen Alf
Waud and says he expects me.
 22.  Saturday.   By the little steamer Perry to
Providence which looked very bright and pretty in
the sunny afternoon.  Thence by cars to Boston ar-
riving at 6, Alf and �Mrs Waud� meeting me at
the dep�t.    He well, as usual, she very fair and
plump.     Through the torturous narrow streets to their
boarding house � one to which they have just moved, leaving
their child out at nurse in Charlestown.     This is
preparation for an intended journey west, to Kentucky
or Indiana, where she will sue for a divorce from
Brainard, upon obtaining which Waud will be mar-
ried to her.       The project has been talked of for
the last two years.   Waud came on to New York du-
ring my absence up the Hudson, to see Hart about               
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