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Text for Page 159 [08-31-1850]

              after he arrives, greatly disconsolate and partially indignant at the
non arrival of his Annie, as expected. Consoled him and defended
her to him; and read during the evening.
  1. Sunday. Reading all day.    A bit of a walk at the dock ending
the street in the morning, where I found the populace thronging, await
ing the arrival of the Atlantic Steamer and Jenny Lind, which occur
red in the afternoon.    Evening dull, matagrabolized and dispirited to
an unusual degree.   Mapother called to get me out for a walk: �
declined, not being fit for it.  Brown came home, and we were just
getting into a pleasant, thoughtful book-talk, when Joe called and
marred the evening.
  2. Monday. Writing letters all day.  To M, and to Barth.
Rain and wind storm out of doors. Splenetic and matagrabolized.
  3. Tuesday.  To Duane Street, then to Post Office, �Life� Office,
where I found Mattice, he having returned.   Then a few dreary, successful calls.
Then dropped in at Butlers and had a bit of talk with him.    Afternoon
reading and drawing.  Evening out with Brown to Schnieder Rohr�s where
he tried on his matrimonial coat.    Then a call at Duane, return &
talk and fumigation.   Blue devils.
  4. Wednesday.  Calling for Mr Hart, with him to Brooklyn and
dentist Stratton.   After more than an hours waiting (during which time
he was operating on an old lady, who was etherized, having to have ten
teeth extracted, our turn came.     Scraping and stopping.  Stratton a               
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