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Text for Page 219 [08-22-1857]

this affair, Hart promising to write to him when
their presence will be required.    The boarding-house,
a minutes� walk from Washington Street, was kept
by a chatty Englishwoman who had lived some years in
Australia and intended returning to it.              The Wauds
had the second floor back, I being inducted into the
front one, a closet for washing dividing us.     We sup-
ped in the basement, immediately on my arrival, with
some three or four boarders, and then ascended to
Alf�s room.       He spake of various matters.   How
Falk (of Palenville)     had written to him offering to
waive payment of what was due if Waud would make
him a sketch of his farm; he Falk thinking it might
and his project of selling it.  Alf says he shan�t
pay anything, or do anything.   Will, he says, loafs
as usual, goes to Boston environs, has female acquain-
tances, and drives about in buggys with a small girl
who wears her hair pulled back.               We talked
for an hour or two, not being particularly lively, 
and then, at Alf�s suggestion went out for an oyster
stew, returning while it rained heavily.
  23.  Sunday.   With Alf to another boarding-
house and called on Hayes; and then to a third for
Will.      He being out of town, at some adjacent water-
ing place or suburban resort, all three strolled out,
took a drink in the insidious-Bostonian-round-the-
corner-fashion, went to the Common (which really is
something to believe in now) and then to a Bath,               
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