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Text for Page 220 [08-22-1857]

where were men baling out boats which had been half-
filled by last nights rain, and some swimmers.    Alf
took a bath, not in the bath, but from it, in the
deep water, but t�was too cold to tempt Hayes or
myself.    From thence to Ballou�s building in Winter
Street, where both Waud and Hayes have offices � Alf
a spacious, dusty back room, with the usual artistic
medley of articles and a piano in it. (Damoreau
occupies the adjoining room.)   Here I wrote a letter,
and the morning wearing on, we returned to our boarding-
house dinner, having agreed with Hayes to devote the
afternoon to a walk.       All four (�Mrs Waud� accom-
panying us, by car to Roxbury, thence into the country,
along green lanes, skirting heights &c and so to
Parks or Parker�s hill, from whence we had a pretty
view of Boston.      Much of the time �Mary� walked
with me.     Her complexion is very fair, (as is not un-
commonly the case with red-haired people) her hair of
the color always assigned by painters to the Madonna �
a beautiful reddish auburn, her form plump and fault-
lessly proportioned.   I should think she�d expand con-
siderably as she grows older.      Her eyes are blue, but
very light in tint, and look shallow.            She is good-
natured, pettish, spoilt-childish.    She imitates people�s
phrases, quotes Waud�s expressions, fondles him before
others, and evidently is as fond of him as her calibre
of mind will permit of.          I�ve seen her tear up a pa-
per he was looking at because he didn�t answer her               
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