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Text for Page 223 [08-24-1857]

ger of being drowned, which provoked considerable ex-
pressions of anger on the part of his owner.           He pro-
nounced it �a d____d mean act for a gentleman to do,�
and asked whether Waud wouldn�t like to throw one
of his children in!       Alf, however, got the dog out,
which quieted his proprietor.   (I put this down as it is
very characteristic of Waud.)      We all entered the boat
and fished for a couple of hours.       Alf caught one pick-
erel � a pretty big one � and I an infernal cold, as the
evening fell chilly, I had no vest, a thin loose coat,
straw hat and white pants.      The little pond looked very
lovely though.   Back by cars, all savagely hungry.  Rump
steak and onions to repletion at restaurant, then to our
boarding house.     One tired-out game at whist and to bed.
  23.  Tuesday.   Hither and thither with Waud; to
a picture shop and the newspaper office of Shilliber � whom
we didn�t see.   Dropped in at Damoreaus twice or thrice
to say good bye, but missed him.     Back to dinner, and
packing up &c during the afternoon.         Alf and �Mary�
walked with me to the railroad dep�t.           I felt an un-
easy yearning at parting with them, thinking of old times,
and how I used to like and believe in Alf.               Into cars
and a reverie as the sun was setting.       Thinking of
my hopes and expectations when I first came to Boston
in 1850, of all that had occurred since then, and of
Chacombe and Hannah.      Fall River.     Aboard the
boat, out into the Sound, supper, watching the stars
and sea till midnight, and then to bed.               
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