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Text for Page 224 [08-26-1857]

  26. Wednesday.  New York again, and glad to see
it.        Omnibus to Bleecker, folks at breakfast.    Fed,
washed, did chores &c, down town.   Masons, Picayune
& Post Offices, and to Wiley�s where I (at last) got
the parcel from home.    Nine shirt collars of Naomi�s
stitching, Loftus�s �Chalden� from Boutcher, and some
paper from Charley.       Also a parcel from Chacombe.
A piece � and a big piece � of Charlotte�s wedding cake, a
pretty neckerchief of Hannah�s making and � her por-
trait!               It is very like � it almost satisfies me.    Oh!
mine own dear girl ���
  {27.  Thursday to       Very busy, writing and drawing.
   31.  Monday}       Letters from Home and Hannah.
Answered both.    Writing for �Frank Leslie�s� and the
Picayune etc.        To Brooklyn on Sunday, and dined
With �Fanny� and her daughters, Parton being off to Staten
Island.      Subsequently went to Pounden�s.      Non mi re-
cordo heaps of things.
  {1.  Tuesday to       Writing and drawing very busily.
  8   Tuesday}       As Bellew is in Massachusetts some
of the Pic and Nic Nax drawing falls to my share.     I
write for it and Frank Leslie�s regularly.    Leslie cashed up
all right for the Newport work.      I visit his office some
twice a week, generally seing Sol Eytinge at work there.
Apropos of him, or matters in connection with him, while               
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