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Text for Page 225 [09-08-1857]

in Boston, of course the �Allie� business was talked over
with Will Waud.      He, Will, told me, in confidence,
that he had once picked up a letter from Allie to Haney,
in which she apostrophized him as �her little brown
beauty� and invited him to �come to her arms�, stating
the time when Covill would be out of the way! ��   Met
Royal and Fay at different times.         Swinton called.   Went
to Parton�s with Haney on Saturday evening, meeting
Parton and �Fanny� at the ferry and accompanying them.
She is just about getting a new book out and gave us copies.
Miss Jacobs returned from Boston that day.   A Mr Ul-
rich, Grace�s music master came.     Sitting on the steps
in the cool of the evening, music and talk.      �Fanny� in
spirits.     A very pleasant evening, protracted till 11.
Saw Selina Jewell one morning, she having designed
calling on me, and getting out of an omnibus in Broad-
way on recognizing me.   With her mother she has been
residing in Saltersville, near Bergen N. J. half an
hours walk from Jersey City.       They design returning
to New York in a fortnight.        Met Scoville one day.
Talked of making money in stock speculations.    Met Wood
who told me a good story of Banks.              Banks has,
it seems gone to live at the back of Hoboken, and as-
signed as his reasons for doing so, the information that
he had been getting into intrigues. �A handsome California
widow,� and a young lady of fortune �&c � they perse-
cuted me, Sir, � had to go!�      Next morning the
recipient of this intelligence (some respectable Englishman)               
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