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Text for Page 226 [09-08-1857]

was aroused very early by a bearded individual 
with a pervading odor of bad tobacco about him.   It was
Banks.       And his business was to contradict his last nights
assertions and avow they were all lies!              Wood says
he goes to bed drunk four times a week.
  {9.  Wednesday to       Drawing for Nix-nax and writing
  11  Friday}       letters &c to Mapother and Mr Great-
batch.    Young Shelley, one of the book keepers at the Ocean
House Newport called upon me.  Season closes this week, there.
  12. Saturday.   Talk of Mrs and Miss Brooks
returning to this house for a week or so � Leslie in
a state of alarm as to whether his �pheelinks� will
enable him to stand out against the little girl�s fas-
cinations.     Finally he declares he�ll clear out for the
time being. /          Drawing till the afternoon � big Pica-
yune cut, down town then, to �Frank Leslie�s� &
Pic office.     Goy no money from either.     Returned
with Cahill & Haney.           Wilbour and Arnold came
at night.    All in my room, smoking.
  13.  Sunday.  A dull wet day.     At the Edwards�
in the evening.
  14.  Monday.  Wrote article for Pic.  Down town in the
afternoon, to Leslie�s & Pic Office.    O�Brien and Hinck-
ley there and, presently, Wilbour and Thomson.     Drawing
at night, a second big cut for the Pic.       Up till 1.
  15.  Tuesday.  Down town early.  To tailors, bootma-
kers, Post Office, Russell�s office, Pic &c.      Writing on
story in the afternoon and part of the evening.    Hind,               
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