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Text for Page 227 [09-14-1857]

� the Anti-American Englishman of the �European� days
� came and bored me considerably.       To Edwards� to
take books to girls.    Met Corbyn � who was present at
the Yatman duel � in an oyster saloon subsequently �
never having encountered him since that day.     Married,
settled; a dentist at Factoryville Staten Island.
  16.  Wednesday.    Letters from Dick Bolton, and
Alf Waud.     George and the Conworths have arrived in
Canada.        Alf departs for the west on Friday.   Missed
getting a letter of Hart�s � which will necessitate a stay
until next May, to get a divorce, as the present time�s
elapsed.     In doors all day writing.        At night with
Cahill to the �Office.�   Banks came in and he and Cahill
get to argueing, the former after his old, wrong-headed,
impracticable, ill conditioned fashion.    He had left Hoboken;
was very busy, had no time to do anything; had eighty
or a hundred friends � no he had no friends � had given
up trying to believe in them; it hardened a man but led
to success; he hadn�t read the newspaper for the last
three or four weeks; he always paid his three or four
cents for them and said, �well here�s a lot of fellows
who are doing their best to please me;� he liked them
all, he didn�t believe in being critical, it was only ill-
nature, not but what he could condemn when a thing
was d____d bad; he believed in Arnold; if he had
five thousand dollars he�d give him three to read for
the two years and then back him to lick the whole crowd;
there was another young fellow he knew who had written               
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