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Text for Page 160 [09-04-1850]

              smart New Englander.      Found it was 2 when we got outside �
Return, dinner &c        Evening, went to Duane, and out with Mr
Hart and Dillon.   To the old pier, where we found a posse of
Newly-arrived Philadelphia firemen with their hose carriage.
And a most splendid affair it was, certain, I never saw the like.
A picturesque scene, the tall, goodlooking firemen in their white
coats, glazed hats and embroidered caps.     Torchlight shewing the
dazzling polish and glittering steel of the carriage to great advantage.
A company of New Yorkers arrive in their red shirts, and all defile
of to beat of drum.       /           At Paton�s, talking with the 
Priest, Reilly.    Of Curran, Father Prout, of �Marks of the
Screw,� of the �Hell-fire club,� and Irish notabilities, fifty years
  5. Thursday.  Made a drawing, anticipating I might dispose 
of it to the Picayune or Atlas. Then out.  A call at Corbyns, projector
of a new theatrical journal yclept Figaro.  Then to Picayune and Atlas
Offices. No success.  To the �Life� &c   Back to Canal, dull enow
through drizzling rain.          In the afternoon, at about 5, Brown comes in,
and lying down upon his bed tells me he has lost the girl he loves.
Scarcely could I think it, at first, but it is.      He had, in time back,
with rare ingenuousness told her of his past follies, and sins. And one � [word crossed 
has produced this [word crossed out] retribution.   A girl, good-looking, common place 
sensual, had been innocent but for him; � he had seduced her.     This he had
as a sin, regretted; (but not expiated), told to the pure [words crossed out] creature               
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