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Text for Page 230 [09-23-1857]

him $10 � as she�d expect a champagne supper &c.
He had to do it in order to break off and cut the
connection.     It�s Josey, of course, as he acknowled-
ged.        Cahill finds visiting Sol�s menage a bore and
an infliction. Sol is imperious and expects his invita-
tions to be accepted sans demur, resenting it, if other-
wise.    He went so far as to talk about punching Cahill�s
head and kicking &c &c because instead of going over to
Brooklyn one Sunday to dine with him, Cahill prefer-
red a trip to Sandy Hook or Shrewsbury with Haney.
Sol has all the angry suspicions incidental to his posi-
tion, thinking that his acquaintances fight shy of Allie
and Co.       Josey wants Cahill to assume the same re-
lations towards her that Sol has to her sister.   Allie
wouldn�t object to it, of course, and perhaps not Sol ���
for he�d got rid of the expense of keeping her.      Cahill�s been
doing a little love making but decidedly objects to anything
further, knows that Josey is a fool and a strumpet,
and wants to sink the entire concern.      So he invites
Josey to go to the theatre anticipating Sol will propose
accompanying him with Allie.       This, he says, he shall
demur against, expecting Sol will, then, ask him why
he don�t keep the girl if he wants her &c &c.        Then
Cahill will say perhaps he�d better not come to see them
any more, and so snap off.
  Scene at our Breakfast table the other morning.
Cahill to Biddy, �I want some milk!� Biddy. �It�s before
ye Sirrr!� Cahill (who hasn�t noticed that the pitcher               
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