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Text for Page 231 [09-23-1857]

has been refilled. �I want some milk!�     Biddy rushes
round to his side of the table, serves the pitcher venge-
fully, and deluges his coffee with milk!!
  24.  Thursday.  Down town, Pic, Leslie�s, Nic-
nax and Post Offices.  Writing, letter to Waud and story.
  25.  Friday.  Drawing till 5, then down town, to
Frank Leslie�s, the Pic Office &c.    Met Picton, rather
drunk, and he took me to a publishers and gave me a
copy of a new Anti-Catholic novel of his, not yet published.
To Pounden�s and to Brooklyn with him, staying all
  26.  Saturday.   Back to New York, and down town
all the morning.   Drawing in the afternoon and evening.
  27.  Sunday.          With Haney to Hoboken; a mor-
ning among the rocks and trees, returning by 2 to din-
ner.        In the evening Cahill joining us � he having
been at Sol�s overnight � rambled into Washington
Square, where, meeting O�Brien, we at his suggestion
went to two of the Germna places of entertainment in
the Bowery.    The first was in the rear of a lager beer
shop, � an open space, with earthern floor, and canvas
roof, a band of music elevated on a sort of
gallery platform, and throngs of persons of both sexes sitting
on benches drinking lager and weiss beer below.    There
were two or three stalls around, for the sale of cheap
edibles � which boys also peddled among the company � a 
target to fire at, or rather two, one more pretentious
in appearance than the other.    There was also an at-               
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