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Text for Page 233 [09-27-1857]

a wax policeman and spoke of a fall �Dr Catlin� had
experienced which smashed his nose in.     The next
show had merit.    It consisted of some dozen photogra-
phic views of European and American capitals and
scenery, arranged stereoscopically.  The solidity of
the effect was truly marvellous.         Divided from these
by a curtain were half a dozen photographs of women,
some nude and of a coarsely indecent character � evi-
dently from life. (This was an additional ten cents
worth.)   As works of art these were greatly inferior to
the others.          Leaving, we all went to Shelley�s up-
town, had a good supper and talked till 1, only
separating with O�Brien at half an hour later, having
st sat talking on the door step of our boarding house.
  28.  Monday.     A Letter from Alf. Waud. �Mrs
W� is sick of a bilious fever and keeps her bed.   He wants
her mother informed of it.       Down ton and back by
noon.   Drawing.   Wrote to George Bolton.    Out with
Leslie till near 1.           Supped at Florence�s.
  29.  Tuesday.    Drawing.    Down town by 5 P. M.
and met �Doesticks� at the Tribune Office, returned
up-town with him, calling at his publishers (where he gave
me a copy of his �Nothing to Say�) at Wallacks, Wild�s
and down town again.   He told me he�s going to be married.
  Back thinking of Hannah, and drew till midnight.
  30.  Wednesday.       I little thought, last night, 
what the last page of this book would chronicle.               
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