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Text for Page 234 [09-30-1857]

  Greatbatch is dead.      I have received a letter
from Mary Anne, with details of the sickness
of the entire family, terminating fatally in the
case of her husband.      On his return from Ottawa,
whither he had gone to purchase boards to build a
temporary shed to put wheat in, he was seized
with sickness, Fred being attacked next day.
Poor Mary Anne writes that she �had her hands
full,� the neighbours not being cognizant of the
sickness did not call till four days subsequent,
at which time she, herself, was seized with the
malady, while engaged in baking bread, and
Edward absent.       They had sent to New Mi-
chigan two days back, but the Doctor had left
his office for a journey to Pontiac.     Mr Greatbatch
didn�t want to have a Doctor, at all � they sent,
therefore to purchase medecine � got calomel and
rhubarb, but it produced little effect.   Greatbatch
was in a high fever, accompanied with sickness
at the stomach, and Fred vomiting.        Mary
Anne had �crawled out of bed� when the Doctor
appeared, fetched a pail of water, gave them
medecine, and procured assistance from the neigh-
bours.           These turned out willingly to help them,
relieving each other in watching.          The Doctor
called the disease bilious, remittent fever; Fred�s
sickness seeming to be of an aqueish nature.    (I               
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