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Text for Page 162 [09-05-1850]

              tice commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice to our own lips;
to Duane Street.     Standing outside talked with Mapother and two
Oxfordshire born brethren for half an hour, then returned.
  6. Friday.  Calls for work. At Lyons (the magnetic warment destroyer)
at Thomas, at Engraver Roberts, where I met Mr Abbotts.  To Dewitts
and Davenports, where I got the address of New York by Gas-light Foster; and
went to him.  A busy talkative clever man.  Got a drawing accepted.
Drawing two figures of Figaro during the evening, Brown sitting opposite to me
  7. Saturday.  Drawing till 3, a drenching rainy day.  Then to
Corbyns where I left drawing.  Called and saw Mr Hart and Mapother; then
back.   At night, at Charley�s request conveyed a letter to the brother-in-law
of his lady love.   Sate in the pleasantly ordered front parlour (,the scene
of his wooing) while he, in the rear one, (whence issued female tones) penned
a few words in reply. Then back through the drenching rain-storm.
  8. Sunday. A walk to Bayard Street, calling at Joe�s lodging house,
he not within. Then returning my walk down Broadway, and along the
North River back to Canal.  Reading �the Adventures of a Medical Student� a
posthumous work of one Robert Douglas�, somewhat too horrific and melodrame-like.
Evening, leaving Brown and his brother in deep confab, (on the cue of his rejection
he had visited the girl ^|who�d been the unintentional cause of it|, and awaits a letter 
from her.  This morn he has
had an interview with Annie�s brother in law, and from that has hopes that all will
be well that endeth Well.          /          Leaving him in converse went out to
the pier at the end of the street, where               
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