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Text for Page 009 [10-02-1857]

a child of the Bolton�s last servant girl.    The
amiable Mary Anne Chinner, Ned�s choice � or rather
chosen � goes to Rodney Buildings, and there tries
to put a spoke in Sarah Ann Bolton�s wheel touching
Amos Sears � whom she couldn�t catch herself in
byegone times.     This reaches Neithrop, of course, through
Charley.      �Charley says, too, that Edwin is far
from well of late; he, with others, thinks his consti-
tution is going from � gaiety.�      Hannah tells, too,
saying that �all the time she tells of others, her con-
science reproves her,� and with kind, grave regret, that
Charley reports Boutcher as a libertine � �neither him-
self or the good George Clarke can like him for what
they have experienced of him.�
  This statement threw me into a sort of sorrow-
ful distrust.    I had never know or fancied him cri-
minal in that way.       Charley is not likely to report
on light grounds.
  Boutcher�s letter is half filled with sketches of
character of Boulogne � terse, bold, careless, coarse
and characteristic.
  In the evening with Leslie to the Bowery, and
then to �Franklin Hall,� in Grant Street.  A �Model
Artists� Exhibition.  I went there for material for an
article for �Frank Leslie�s.�    Up stairs, through a bar
room into one fitted up as a theatre.        An ill-looking
audience, a vile atmosphere and a paltry show,
only demi-nudely-indecent.               
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