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Text for Page 010 [10-03-1857]

  3.  Saturday.   Selina Jewell called.    She came
yesterday, at sunset, when I informed her of her sis-
ter�s illness, and gave her Alf�s letters, to shew her
mother.    This morning she called to say that Mrs
J had set off for Boston.             All right.   /   Down
town twice, morning and afternoon.     Got paid $10
by F. Leslie for cuts.           Met Picton in the afternoon.
All the talk of bank suspensions.       A crisis.      In the
evening to Edwards, with opera tickets, which Rosen-
burg gave me.
  4.  Sunday.   Drawing all the morning.  To a
�free thinkers� meeting in the Bowery in the afternoon,
with Cahill and Haney.         Tousey presided.    A stupid
business.    Evening writing.      A letter to Dick Bolton,
among other matters.
  5.  Monday.  Another letter from Alf Waud,
written before Mrs Jewell�s arrival.   His �wife� is get-
ting better.       Will is sick � �wears no flannel and takes
no exercise.       Drawing, sketches to take to Harpers.
Down town, Pic Office, returned, did drawing on wood
for Pic, by dinner time.          Then drawing on till mid-
night � sketches for Harpers.
  6.  Tuesday.    Talking with Mrs Andreotti � or as I
suppose I should now write, Miss Church, for she is di-
vorced � learnt some new details of the proceedings of
her scoundrel husband.  A lady of her acquaintance,
in Kentucky whom he seduced has committed suicide.
It is conjectured that Andreotti has gone to join a brother
in South America.               To Harpers, Bonner not in.               
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