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Text for Page 012 [10-06-1857]

Pic Office. Learnt that Bellew had returned to town.
Found him at Matarans, with Cahill, drinking.  There
an hour or so, Sol Eytinge coming in, then took Bellew
up town to dine with us.   Leaving him and Cahill in my
room, went down town with Haney; he over to Partons,
I to Harper�s, again unsuccessfully.    Wrote to Hannah
in the evening.
  7.  Wednesday.  Saw Miss Brooks who called, after
breakfast.         To Harpers � three of my four sketches
accepted.      Returned up town.  Bellew about all day,
mostly in my room.       He has taken board in Waverly
Place, his wife and child being yet out of town.
  {8.  Thursday to.       Two of these days in hell � subject
  10.  Saturday}       to a horrible relapse into my old
nervousness, in consequence of an extreme desire to do
drawings for the Harpers very particularly well, and
the attendant dread of failure.                Letters from
home, Waud &c.        I have got in arrears and can�t re-
collect details.
  11.  Sunday.  Hobokenizing with Cahill and Haney.  A
day to thank God for.  The cliffs, fumigation and fire light-
ing.      O�Brien and Bellew with us in Haney�s room at
night.      The former talked much of fast men in London and
New York, of lorettes and actors.  He told some goodish
stories.   I suppose his life has been such that he hasn�t
a friend in the world.
  12.  Monday.  To Harpers.  Didn�t get paid, but got
another sketch accepted.   Talk of nothing but the financial
crisis.     All the Banks in New York will, this week, sus-               
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