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Text for Page 014 [10-12-1857]

pend specie payment.    To Parton�s in the eve-
ning, having met �Fanny� in the morning, when she in-
vited me.   Haney there.    Rather a slow evening. Parton�s
�Life of Aaron Burr� which was on the eve of publication
is indefinitely postponed in deference to the crisis.   He
has written a pamphlet on Crises which Haney will publish.
Returned at night through a dank fog.         I met Briggs in
the cars, going.
  13.  Tuesday.  Drawing and down town.  To Bellew�s
lodgings at night.
  14.  Wednesday.  Ditto.  At home � or rather in-doors -
at night.     In Haney�s room with Cahill.
  15.  Thursday.   Through the mire and rain to Harpers.
Got paid $36.         Back.    Drawing for Haney, and talking
with Cahill.  Bellew called at sunset. He had been to
Harper�s and didn�t get paid. (They suspended some four
or five days ago, and don�t pay out more than they are ob-
liged to do.     I suppose I owe my luck to my being a new 
contributor.)    Last week�s �Harper� contained a whole
page notice of my book.    It was unsolicited, and served
as an excellent introduction to me.    On my presenting my-
self, Bonner showed me the proof sheet, and produced
my P.N.Y.B.H., eulogizing it.
  16.  Friday.   Down town with Cahill.   Met Clarence
Eytinge and Wood, severally.  Calls.   At the Pic Office was in-
troduced by Thomson to his mother and two younger ladies � one
of them shortly to become his wife.  She is very pleasant looking,
with a kind, country face. �Doesticks� chaffs his mother calling
her the �gay and gallant Sophy� and accrediting to her an in-               
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