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Text for Page 016 [10-18-1857]

� and, in short was the old, unmatchable, original
and asinine Banks, sans mitigation.    Finally he wanted
to know whether I had a copy of my book by me � to which,
receiving a polite negative, he took himself off.    Then
Cahill came and went to sleep in a very uncomfortable position
on my bed.    Then Bellew and O�Brien came, and then
Haney.     They all stayed till 1 A.M. and then good night.
  19.  Monday.  Selina Jewell called.      Her mother still in
Boston. No news
  {20.  Tuesday to       I�ve got into arrears, in consequence of
  23.  Friday}       over-plus of work.      Have drawn more for
Harpers, the big-cut for the Pic and the remainder of my time
is devoted to Nic-nax.  Bellew, who has taken lodgings with
an Irish family of his acquaintance, is in daily expectation
of the arrival of a sister of his, with her husband, from En-
gland. He�s nervous about it and can�t work, hence my
labor.    Weather very cold, fire in Haney�s room at night.
O�Brien up occasionally.  Whelpley boring me, about an �inven-
tion� of his � I presume The Parisian Pamicography�� I�m
making a drawing on a plate of his furnishing and bestinking
my room with the odors of ink-and-wintergreen.   Cahill much
with me, having little or nothing to do.       He, Haney and I
went round to Bellew�s one night, and in the successing evening
visited the Edwards�.   Parton is at Rochester, visiting his sis-
ter.     I�ve received a letter from George Bolton � morbid, as usual.
Invites me to Canada, this winter.     Bellew and O�Brien up on
Friday night, with me and Cahill.  Book talk with O�Brien.
Kept me out of bed a couple of hours longer than I wanted.               
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