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Text for Page 020 [10-28-1857]

O�Brien came in to him, when he insisted on getting up, to
smoke a pipe with him.  I had gone down stairs, to have a
drink with Leslie.       Next day I told Cahill half a hundred
of imaginary absurdities of which he hadn�t been guilty. He � Ca-
hill has written a �Pic�article, entitled �Hints on Politeness,�
having quarried the material from Sol Eytinge�s domestic m�nage,
which has given great offence to Allie.    Josey has gone to live with
some man.          Mrs Levison is back in New York, from Philadel-
phia.    Wurzbach has returned from Germany.
  29.  Thursday.  In doors drawing for Nic-nax, all day. To
the Edwards�at night, with Cahill and Haney.
  30.  Friday.  Row at our boarding-house.   The Biddy, who
has a violent temper, and is accustomed to wait at table uttering
indig^|n|ant monologues, as she walks behind you (such as �Sure an
I ought to have wings to be in siven places at once!�), � calls the
old woman, Mrs P�s mother, an old b___h and bids her �shut up.�
Mrs P tells her to leave.           A fight occurs in the kitchen subse-
quently.    The Biddy gives Mrs P a black eye and Mrs P threw
a pitcherfull of milk over the Biddy.      /       Down town.  At
Pic Office, Frank Leslie�s &c.          Called on Pounden at his
place of business.    Met Fanny Fern, returning up town, and
promised to go over to Brooklyn. Did so in the afternoon.   Met
Smith of the �Courier� in the cars.   Krauth died of
apoplexy yesterday.  At Partons.    Supped with Fanny, Grace and
Nelly and spent the evening talking with them.      Miss Jacobs was
not present, being at New York, visiting her mother.         To bed
by 11, in a top-back-room.
  31.  Saturday.  Up and breakfasted in the basement, with
Fanny and the girls.  Talking (and romping) subsequently, up               
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