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Text for Page 025 [11-03-1857]

for Sol and Doesticks, both of whom had pressed their
sobriety.   Doesticks, going back, carried Haney down, for he, lying
on the steps, was insisting that he should be allowed to roll down
also, like O�Brien � saying it was �partiality�of the others to
permit the one and prevent the other.       My next recollection is of
the long, dusty, road, of being very tired, yet keeping on ahead, not
wishing to have the trouble of talking with the other fellows.        I think
Cahill was clamorous that we should go by the Elysian Fields
way � in which case we should, inevitably have knocked ourselves
against trees, tumbled into ditches; perhaps have spent the night
on the damp ground and got fever and ague.          However we kept
on.      Something I remember of Haney and Cahill lying down by
the road side and tumbling over one another.        It appears there
was a struggle for the basket (in which all the forks but one, tum-
bled out, as we subsequently discovered.)         Then I must have
let the rest come up with me.        I recollect running after a cart
and making a blow at a yelping dog therein.    Cahill says that I
either knocked him out, or he jumped out, for presently his
owner came driving back and asked, in a very civil manner,
whether we had seen a dog?      On which O�Brien cursed him and
began pulling off his coat to attack him � when the man drove on
furiously, pursued by O�Brien and myself.          Next I recollect
Hoboken streets and gas-lamps which I commenced smashing,
being imitated by Arnold.     Also I danced lively measures on
the sidewalk, which, Doesticks reports were the most ludricous
exhibitions he ever witnessed.  I would caper from side to side
most terphsicorically, then walk on swiftly and gravely for a 
block or two, then dance again.      OBrien wanted to join me.
Who paid at the Ferry house I don�t know.     Doesticks says we               
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