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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 027 [11-03-1857]

Broadway, they came round to Bleecker St to learn
our fortune.   Haney and Cahill, too, went to Arnolds.
  4.  Wednesday.  To the bath room by daylight and wash-
ed.  Head very much swollen, face the same, a deep cut over
or on my right eyebrow, cuts on forehead, marks of boot-
nails on cheek and other promiscuous cuts.    Jaw very much
bruised too.    Did plastering and combed hair by un-easy
stages.    Head frightfully bruised � well it�s no worse.  Coat
sleeve saturated through and through with blood, shirt ditto,
vest ditto, pants spotted.       Did nothing but read and lay
on bed all day.     O�Brien came at 2 P.M. looked seedy,
felt the same.     Reading �Guy Livingstone.�   A letter from
Dick Bolton.
  5.  Thursday.  Down town in the morning.   To Canal St,
Post and Pic Office.    Saw Thomson.    Reading, drawing and
writing.  Head sore.  It seems the forks got shed on the road, as
we only brought one home � belonging not to us.    Arnold came to
supper and part of the evening.            A rainy night.
  6.  Friday.    In doors, drawing most part of the day.  Wurz-
bach called � recently returned from Germany where he has been
for a year and a half.         Talk of the same during the evening.
  7.  Saturday.   Down town in the morning.
  8.  Sunday.  To Chapin�s at night; to Edwards�subsequently.
  9.  Monday.  Drawing all day, save a morning�s rush to
  10.  Tuesday. Drawing.  In arrears, epistolarily.  Have
letters from Boutcher, Barth, Dick & George Bolton, Mapother,
Waud and Foster � all unanswered.
  11. Wednesday.   To Pic Office where I found O�Brien.  He               
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