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Text for Page 028 [11-11-1857]

going to Harpers, as I was.     Bonner out. Dr Palmer
there and one Nordhammer.  Return up town with Cahill and
Haney.  The former has been working on a story for the last week
or so, with intention to take it to Harper�s.      /     Mrs Pounden the
elder, and her husband � both from Canada � are here, boarding.
  12.  Thursday.  Round to Bellew�s, where I found him and
Cahill, who is again in his employ.   Return and drawing.
  13.  Friday.  In-doors employments.      O�Brien up in the
evening awhile.   His �Man About Town� won�t appear in Harper�s
any more.  He attributes it to Bonner�s enmity.    Pounden the elder in
my room, to smoke a pipe awhile.      An exceedingly Irish Irishman.
  14.  Saturday. Down town.  Letters from George Clarke, Char-
ley, and from Hannah.     Charley writes a kindly, brotherly letter,
and tells me much of home matters. �We are just in the old
slough; our dear, good mother bears up wonderfully; father just the
same, more feeble, consequently more peevish and tiresome;  x  x  x
sisters don�t look younger and don�t grow happier.�  They are opposed
to Rosa Bolton still, which Charley comments upon � temperately enough.
Edwin �goes on in his old way,� but �don�t enjoy such good health.�
Sam � foolish fellow has broke off entirely from home, in consequence of
rows between Minnie and sisters, and is trying to sell his business, in
order to attempt it on a larger scale.    In which case he will, undoubtedly,
make a mess of it on his little, borrowed capital.             Cornelius Bagster
�is a bad lot� generally.  Charley gets �150 salary, annually, lent
some of his sowings �foolishly�� he says � �to a friend in trouble,�
and offers to lend me some if I want it.          God bless the fellow!   I
don�t.     My mother felt Greatbatch�s death � as did Mrs Bolton � that�s
all.     The boy Edwin Bolton wants to asinify himself by marrying a mil-
liner girl at a register office.           Charley is over-worked, and de-               
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