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Text for Page 164 [09-10-1850]

              him a native of Arbroath, & family.     Parted with him at
Canal Street.     Brown in company and fumigation with a newly
arrived French Engraver, one Baudoin.  I leaning out of window
with a distracting head ache.
  11. Wednesday.  Off to William Street, in reply to advertisement for a 
clerk �to go South�.  Supplied already.   Then a melancholic walk to the
Battery, where I saw the Asia arrive, from the top of the Bath.   Then
to Nassau and Day-book Office, saw Foster.      Then to the new place of
business of the �Life� Office.     Then a call at Duane Street.    Mapother, Mr
and Mrs Richardson in the Atelier, talk and eating of peaches &c.   Evening
Baudoin calling, all three sallied out to Castle Garden.   A dense crowd
as �twas Jenny Lind�s first Concert night.    Brake through the crowd,
[words crossed out] 				� and after waiting some
time at the closed door of Rabineaus effected an entrance.  Inside, and on the
baths; � an amusing sight. A perfect fleet of boats surrounding the building,
all intent of hearing Jenny sans payment.   Devil a note did we hear � 
walls too thick.        The concert over, we, in conjunction with others, gazing
through the palisades, witnessing the departure of the audience. Some handsome
women among them.   A good sight should we have had of Jenny herself but
for a ludicrous circumstance.   There was a boy-man beside us, a perfect
fiend, and during the whole time of the passing of the audience he kept up 
a continual demoniacal chaunt, mingled with howlings and halloed remarks
on the appearance of the gentry.  Now he happening to, unfortunately comment
on the appearance of the elder Rabineau.  �Charley� Rabineau, who was partly               
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