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Text for Page 029 [11-14-1857]

votes his spare time to visiting Banbury or some picture
gallery. /       Hannah writes as she always does, lovingly,
earnestly faithfully.   George Clarke thanks me for the book he did
not get, says that Boutcher is in Manchester, and speaks of a three
weeks ramble in Flanders, in company with young Cattermole,
including �jolly old Bruges,� Ghent, Malines, Antwerp, Louvain
and Brussels.           Also, in July, George made a raid into Derbyshire.
Business he says is dull, and the architectural profession, as
practiced, �an imposition and a swindle.�
  15.  Sunday.  Over to Parton�s with Haney.  In the afternoon
to Thomsons, Grace Eldridge and Miss Louisa Jacobs walking
with us, but deserting at the door. �Doesticks� household a plea-
sant one.     His mother, wife and a friend who resides with them.
�Doesticks� wife has a very pretty, innocent face, a kind eyes,
and soft dark hair.            She is quite young, says not much, and
evidently thinks him the cleverest fellow in the world.        His mother
�the gay and galliant Sophy� as he delights to call her, resem-
bles her son and often talks Doestickian. (When Thomson
and Haney, upon her refusing them the chess board � it being
Sunday night � commenced a verbal and mental game, she
after five minutes lapse, said �I vote you have the chess board
� your�e only sinning under difficulties!�)     At night Haney
and I departed for Beecher�s church, having made an appointment
with the Partons.   Church crowded, all there, ice cold night,
Parton quietly rampant with wrath at being in church, and a ser-
mon that might deserve chronicling, though an inferior one for
Henry Ward Beecher.
  {16.  Monday       Drawing for Harpers.   Sketches for a Board-
  17.  Tuesday.}       ing house article, to be written by Guernsey.               
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